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If you haven't already got anti-virus software installed on your computer, but need right now to check either your hard-drive or a particular file that seems suspect for viruses, you'll be glad to know that online applications like Kaspersky Online Scanner can scan your computer without the need to install any software at all.

Kaspersky Online Scanner can carry out indepth checks of different areas within your system, including vital areas or My Computer. Besides that, you can also check any folder within the hard drive, as well as any file stored on the computer.

For these last two operations, Kaspersky Online Scanner has to run a Javascript client, but as stated above, there is no need to install any software to get this done.

Last of all, you can rest assured that Kaspersky Online Scanner updates its virus database when you connect to it. The process takes just a few minutes, but provides the confidence that your system is being checked for the latest malware menaces that are out there on the Net.
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